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Good storage is half the battle. As a full-service provider for logistics services, we therefore manage over 4,000 m2 of warehouse storage space and 1,000 m2 of outdoor storage space using state-of-the-art warehouse technology.

From individual pallets to vehicles to highly sensitive goods with temperature monitoring – we store (almost) every item for you according to the respective product-specific requirements. We always provide the right solution for customers from a wide range of industries. Impressive. Efficient. First-class.

High-rack storage

Our high storage site in Mittenwald is not only high but very wide as well: this branch boasts an outdoor storage area of 25,000 m².


We find the right solution

The logistic mission is to provide the right quantity of the right objects for the right price in the right quality at the right place and the right time.

(Quote Reinhadt Jünemann 1989)


  • The right product
  • At the right time
  • At the right place
  • In the right quantity
  • In the right quality
  • For the right price

Factory transport

Factory transport

A functioning factory transport system is often essential for an optimal corporate structure. However, having your own fleet not only involves a great deal of effort but a great deal of responsibility as well. Numerous customers have therefore opted for one of our factory transport concepts and outsource their requirements to us.

We provide you with an optimal and flexible factory transport service – at a fixed, calculable cost. You will receive a customised concept that takes your internal processes and conditions into account. We only use our own ultra-modern fleet for this purpose. Of course, we can also adapt it to your company colours and corporate identity.



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